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FALL 2022 - Growing Globally with the IAF

The latest updates on International Anglican Fellowship projects around the world, Fall 2022 news and information on sister churches, new project partners, and missions across the globe.


Dear Friends and Supporters,

This edition of the IAF newsletter comes to you with every good wish for a blessed Trinity-tide and a Holy Advent, which is now fast approaching. The International Anglican Fellowship continued its mission work throughout the current year and for that we give thanks, both to God, and to all of you who supported this ministry and mission around the globe, both in time and in treasure.

This second issue of 2022 brings to you several stories, of missions ongoing, and missions accomplished throughout the world. Beginning in January of this year, I had the opportunity to meet with Father Nadeem Yagook, a Pakistani national, and a priest of the Polish National Catholic Cathedral here in Western New York. We spoke on many subjects about our individual churches over lunch. During this time, the subject of the Ukraine came up and I told Fr. Nadeem of the IAF’s desire to help the Ukrainian Refugees in some way—a way that we could be assured that IAF financial help would get directly to them. He mentioned to me that the PNCC had several churches in Poland, specifically on the border with Ukraine, and that perhaps some method could be set up between the IAF and the PNCC to send funds directly to Poland for this purpose. After mentioning this idea to Bishop Brian Marsh, President of the IAF Board, he was able to meet with Bishop Anthony Mikovsky, the prime bishop of the PNCC at a meeting in early March. An agreement was made between the IAF and the PNCC, and since that time, a call went out to our many supporters in the ACA and the G3 group of continuing churches to help war refugees in Poland. A staggering amount of $21,806.00 has been raised for this effort to date, with more coming in every month. This, along with the donations the PNCC has raised so far, shows a remarkable ability for two churches of different denominations to work together towards a common goal As you may know, the IAF’s mission originally was to supplement missionary efforts of the Traditional Anglican Church through grants and stipends to dioceses of the TAC, but in recent years, with other missionary opportunities being brought forward, it appears there are many other ways that we can help in the mission of the worldwide catholic church.

In this issue we will report on not only IAF efforts in the Ukraine but also two new projects that have come to light through fellow Anglican believers who have supported other missionary efforts outside of the Traditional Anglican Church, projects that the IAF will now call ‘Designated Donation Projects’ The first of which is a mission supported elementary school located in the country of Uganda. The school, founded by Inger Mirabile in 2019, opened in 2020 to 242 students.

The second project is an Anglican Mission located in Bangkok, Thailand that serves Pakistani Christian Refugees who have fled an Islamic country only to be persecuted by the country they went to, for help. The TAC is a worldwide Anglican Church in which many Anglican Churches are members. But it is the people of God, believers in Christ, who give our individual churches and our individual countries the faith and vitality needed to face an unknown future that lies ahead for all in the years to come. Please consider carefully your next gift to the IAF, knowing that 96% of everything you send to the IAF will go directly to the cause you are most interested in supporting.

Blessings everyone!

Fr. Ed Ihde+

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