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Thanksgiving Encouragement from our Bishop


The Diocese Of the Northeast

Anglican Church in America

O Most merciful Father, who hast blessed the labours of the husbandman in the returns of the fruits of the earth; We give thee humble and hearty thanks for this thy bounty; beseeching thee to continue in thy loving-kindness to us, that our land may still yield her increase; to thy glory and our comfort; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

At this time of year, as we prepare to celebrate or national holiday of Thanksgiving, many of us will be separated from family and friends. This is hardly what we might consider a “normal” Thanksgiving. Our national holiday is so often a festive time, a time of family gatherings, of joy in each others' presence. Even for those among us who will travel this year, the anxiety brought about by the pandemic will never be far from our minds.

Yet, despite all the difficulties that may confront us, there is always so much to give thanks for. We are reminded of this reality each year at Thanksgiving, because we do have a tendency to forget.

In less than a months' time we will also be called to remember, once again, of that quiet - and even lonely birth – that also happened during a perilous time. It is a reminder that we are truly never alone for Christ is with us. No matter who or where we are, we celebrate this holiday knowing that the blessings of our lives are here in plenty. And we, as faithful members of Christ's holy church, lift up our voices at this time and offer our thanks to God for all He has given.

Your Brother in Christ,


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