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Diocese of the Northeast, Anglican Church in America

Continuing Traditional Anglican Faith Into the Future


About our Diocese

Diocese of the Northeast, Anglican Church in America, proclaims the unchanging gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, continuing the apostolic faith in the Anglican Tradition. Here you will find resources and information to learn more about us.


The Diocese of the Northeast is a vibrant and growing family of parishes in New England and New York State. As members of the worldwide Traditional Anglican Church, we are part of Christ's One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Our teaching and practice are based soundly on the Holy Bible and the traditional Book of Common Prayer.


In our common worship, we observe the ancient rites of the church through regular prayer and the Holy Eucharist. The liturgy of our church holds us together; it is through common or communal worship that the people of God come together most completely to offer their prayers, sing their praises to God and deepen their spiritual understanding. We encourage all to join with us, to learn the language of our worship and participate in the unique spiritual journey that is the Anglican way.


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Christian Summer Camp


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“He who sings prays twice”

Saint Augustine


Diocese of the Northeast,

Anglican Church in America

ACA Diocese of the Northeast
The Right Reverend. Alexander H. Webb

Pro-Cathedral Church of St. Luke's 

 PO Box 131 (3 Limbo Lane)

Amherst, H  03031

Tel. 603-784-5016



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