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Diocese of the Northeast - Legacy Fund 

The Anglican Diocese of the Northeast has introduced a new growth initiative for our Diocese. Launched at the 2023 Synod under the leadership of Canon Missioner Fr Matt Mirabile, the Diocese has created a team (PRIME) focused on Parish Renewal, Investment, and Evangelism. PRIME will be focused on helping us engage with the challenges the modern church faces including societal shifts in faith and declining church attendance. We are working hard to help parishes as they navigate these challenges, and a significant part of that initiative will involve the necessary and vital ‘investment’ of funds into local parishes and their clergy. 

Proverbs 13:22 A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children,” (ESV) 

Supporting resources: As a result of the changes and pressures on the Church as a whole, a “LEGACY” Fund is being created to support Parishes within the Diocese. The Diocesan Legacy Fund is designed to support your Parish and the Diocese for a wide variety of expenses and investments necessary to ensure the future of our Tradition. This includes the funding of revitalization efforts for established parishes as well as to help in the creation of new Church missions. As such, it is not an ‘endowment’ only for a specific purpose but is meant to be a flexible and strategic fund for the growth of our Diocese. The goal is to make a positive and lasting impact that will be felt for decades, affecting multiple generations to come. It is our intention to provide a ‘legacy’ or ‘inheritance’ to our children and their children: a generational deposit of the Faith that was entrusted to us and now is our duty to pass forward. The diocesan goal is to raise $3M in commitment funds within the next three years.

What we can do:  The Diocesan “Legacy Fund” is now available for any parishioner or family member who wishes to participate. How?  Individuals can contribute immediately with a donation to the Diocese directly or a delayed donation can be set up to be dispersed upon one's final estate; both the immediate and estate options are available through this program. Donors can use directed giving through a life insurance policy, final estate assets, remaining funds from your retirement account, IRA, Stocks & Bonds, 401K’s etc., or annually by directing any portion of your IRA Required Minimum Distributions to one of these funds. All of these are tax strategic and will provide both a blessing to your heirs as well as to the Church. Giving can be allocated specifically for your local parish as well as for the Diocese. A recommended 50/50 split is the goal of the Legacy Fund initiative, but the percentages can be customized to fit your personal wishes. 

For more information simply fill out the contact form below. 

We are grateful for your commitment and investment into the future of our Church and the vital work we have been commissioned to keep. 

Bishop Alexander H Webb – Diocese of the Northeast 


Bishops Invitation to the Legacy Fund

Bishops Invitation to the Legacy Fund

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Grateful for your interest in the Legacy Fund. We'll be sure to add you to our contact list and keep you updated on our progress.

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