About St. Luke's Camp

For many years now St. Luke's Camp has provided a fun, safe, and meaningful camping experience for the children of the Diocese of the North East of the ACA.  St. Luke's camp is an opportunity for children to have fun, learn the faith, and make friends.  

A camping experience like St. Luke's is an important part of the spiritual and moral formation of the children that attend. they learn to cooperate through team building games and exercises, and also learn how their faith relates to thier lives. Camping provides a foundation that children take with them through their entire lives.

Our goal at St. Luke's is to do more than merely catechize, but to transmit a living and vibrant faith to the children who attend. it is about more than having the right answers, but about removing the obstacles that threaten your child's faith.  Our goal and prayer is that your child will consider St. Luke's as one of the most important experiences in their lives that helped them retain their faith through their teenage and college years. 


Structure and Activities

The structure of St. Luke's is built around teaching the faith and Holy communion. Each morning the kids gather after breakfast for chapel, where they will worship, sing, be instructed in the faith according to the theme for the week, and receive Holy Communion. 

After Chapel the kids typically break to begin to learn and practice the yearly play. The play, typically written by Bp. Marsh, is a fun way to convey a spiritual message. 

After lunch there is another teaching, after which the children participate in crafts or other games. The afternoon is provided for the kids to enjoy the offerings of the camping experience like; ropes courses, swimming, archery, and other games.

After dinner there is another teaching session. This is followed by more games that are designed to teach a spiritual principle. 

The children are provided supervised free time each day as well. We want your child to be enriched, but not bored or overburdened. We feel that fun and play are as important to the camping experience as instruction. 

Where and When

August 1st through 5th, 2021. 

Camp Berea, Lyman ME.

Cost: $235.00

​Registration deadline is July 30th for all medical and registration forms with a $100.00 deposit.

Plan now!


2021 Theme

Be not afriad!

To register:

Click this link you will be taken to the online portal where a special registration page has been set up specifically for St. Luke's Camp.  

You must also complete the Medical release forms here, filling it out by hand and returning to the address below.

You can also register by downloading the registration document and filling it out by hand and returning with the Medical release forms found here

​Return all registrations and medical release forms to:

Trinity Anglican Church

c/o Kathy Lewis
180 Rochester Hill Rd
Rochester, NH 03867 


or email to: office1@trinity-anglicanchurch.org 

If late registrations are accepted, cost will increase by $25 and scholarships will not cover increases.
(O) 603-332-4121
​Checks should be made out to "Diocese of the Northeast" or "DNE".