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International Anglican Fellowship - Fall 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This edition of the IAF newsletter comes to you with every good wish for a blessed Trinity season and a joyous Michaelmas.

First of all, may we give thanks to both Erv Lischke and Father Ed Ihde for their exceptional work in making the transition between Executive Directors smooth and virtually (!) seamless. We owe both fine Christian gentlemen a debt of gratitude. The work of the IAF has continued with-out missing a ‘nanobeat’.

I would also like to thank our sustain-ing members for their ongoing sup-port. Your dedication to the cause is truly remarkable. Many of you have faithfully supported our worldwide missions for the past several years. Your dedication forms the basis of our annual budget. Rest assured that each dollar (Pound, Euro, Peso, Rand) is used to build up God’s kingdom and assist those missions in need.

At this time, the need is truly great. As we know, given the many exam-ples reported in this newsletter, Covid has hit many of our churches very hard indeed. Several clergy have been lost to the pandemic in South Africa alone. Bishop Rodriguez and his fami-ly have lost members to the disease. Our Indonesia missions are operating remotely. The loss of Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba of Zambia has been devastating for us all. The difficulties faced by God’s people at this particu-lar time are challenging indeed.

Throughout it all, the clergy and peo-ple of the Traditional Anglican Church continue to fulfill their mission of preaching the message of Jesus Christ to all people.

Your assistance is necessary to keep the word of God alive and vibrant in a world that so desperately needs to hear it.

I call on you all to;

1. Pray earnestly for the IAF and our international missions;

2. Give to the IAF;

3. Become a sustaining member.

Your regular pledge, whether great or small, will ensure that we maintain our stipends and grants to the TAC community.

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Blessings to you all!

Your Brother in Christ,


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