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March 2023 Northeast Anglican

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

From the Bishops Chair...

Dear Brothers and Sisters of our Blessed Diocese, A few weeks ago, on Sexagesima, St. Paul was speaking to the Church in Corinth about his concern for, and care for, all the churches. As I take over the position as Bishop of the Northeast, I have been immediately struck by the joy and love, along with care, that have overwhelmed my mind and my soul as I think of and pray for all of the parishes, clergy, and people of the Diocese. Please know that my love goes out to each and every one of you.

We are now in the midst of the season of Lent. So many of us think of Lent as the time when we have to give something up – chocolate, or alcohol, or anything fun. We must give these up so that we can remind ourselves of our mortality and sinfulness. Our sins brought the need for Christ to die on the cross. Lent prepares us for that most terrible and glorious action by our God for our salvation. But there is another purpose for this season. We are being prepared for our great inheritance as Children of God. We are being prepared so that we might come home into the “place prepared for us from the foundations of the world.” And our coming into His and our kingdom will take place as all the people of God together. Therefore, we cannot forget one another as we focus on our own failings.

For the rest of this Lenten season, I would ask you to take something on. Do some action that is designed to assist someone else. Remember that the life we are blessed to live in this world is not to be focused upon ourselves, but for the sake of others. Remember that Christ came, not to be served, but to serve. As He died to remove our sins from us and to make us ready for Resurrection, let us give Him thanks by lifting others toward their resurrection as well.

As you know, I am temporarily laid low by an infection in my knee that has necessitated numerous operations. We appear to now be on the right track toward healing. I so look forward to those days when I can come and visit you and worship together with you. I have known and experienced your prayers over these past months and give you great thanks for lifting me up as you have done. My friends, prayer works. It is effective. Keep me in your prayers, even as I keep you in mine.

Your friend and Bishop, +Hendy Webb

+NEA 2023-03 clr
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1 Comment

Feb 26, 2023

Very impressed by what I see in the diocese…and by the bishop’s Lenten letter.

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