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Northeast Anglican - June 2022

+NEA 2022-06 clr
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Dear Friends in Christ,

This message comes to you with every good wish for a wonderful Summer! After our typically cold and snowy Winter season, a season that seemed to want to hang around like some uninvited guest well into Springtime, the weather has become very pleasant indeed.

During my frequent phone conversations with Archbishop Garcia, the Presiding Bishop is fond of reminding me how much nicer the weather is in Puerto Rico. That didn't happen last week. When he called, he confessed that the temperature was over a hundred degrees and the humidity was unbearable. I gave him the weather report from here. He acknowledged that I had won this round. Then I invited him to New England. He took me up on my offer and will join us in October. He will help us celebrate our Diocesan Synod, meet with the clergy of the diocese and conduct the business of the national church. Accordingly, Archbishop Garcia has scheduled meetings of the House of Bishops and the Executive Council for October 18 and 19 respectively. The meetings will immediately precede our Diocesan Synod. We welcome our Presiding Bishop and members of the House of Bishops and Executive Council to New Hampshire. Planning is well underway for a very festive week of activities and I suggest that you mark your calendars now. In addition to the meetings of the House of Bishops and Executive Council, the Clericus will meet with Archbishop Garcia on the morning of October 20. As usual, the Standing Committee will meet on Thursday afternoon. The synod business meeting will be held on Friday, October 21. Synod Mass will be celebrated on Friday afternoon at Saint Luke's Mission Church in Charlestown, New Hampshire. St. Luke's is a former Episcopal church that was purchased by Phil Turner, the Junior Warden of the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd. Phil has renovated the building and given the deed to Good Shepherd.

The parish will now worship in this beautiful Nineteenth Century building. The newly renovated church will also be home to Saint Luke's Mission Theatre, a mission of Good Shepherd that will offer religious plays for children and adults. Saint Luke's Mission Theatre will offer its first professional productions at the Diocesan Synod. After Damascus: Saint Paul's Epistle to the Present will be presented on the evenings of October 18, 20 and 22. The Serpent in the Desert, an oratorio written by Phil Turner and Carol Clark, parishioners of Good Shepherd, will be presented on the evenings of October 19 and 21.

One of the highlights of the Thirty-first Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of the Northeast will be the transition of episcopal leadership to The Right Reverend Alexander Henderson Webb. +Hendy will become the Fourth Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Northeast on January 1, 2023. He will be enthroned at a date to be determined. We pray for a smooth transition. We also pray that Bishop Webb may serve the diocese with great joy and to the glory of God. Much more information to be shared. Stay tuned. Though our synod and the episcopal transition constitute the big news of the diocese and the national church, there is also important news to be shared regarding our ecumenical work. By the time you receive this, a communio in sacris agreement will have been signed between the Traditional Anglican Church and the Anglican Province of America. This is the latest development in our goal of bringing all Classical Anglicans together under one roof. This agreement also constitutes the first major ecumenical achievement on the international stage. We in the Diocese of the Northeast may feel appropriate satisfaction that the work we started over twelve years ago is continuing to bring Anglicans into greater unity.

Bishop Brian Marsh - From the Bishop's Chair.

The rest of the NEA June 2022 Edition is available in the PDF download on this news update.

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