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St. Luke's Summer Camp 2021

Dear Clergy and Friends in the diocese of the Northeast,

St. Luke's Camp is on!

In recent years, prior to Covid-19 and the subsequent cancellation it caused last year, we met at Beaver Cross Camp in Greenwich, NY. This was a great camp, but the property was owned by the Episcopal diocese of Albany. This was ok while the bishop, William Love, presided there as one of the very last remaining biblical bishops in TEC. However, last year, he was forced to resign, leaving the diocese and camp in the care of TEC. Consequently, it is no longer tenable to host camp there, requiring us to find another location.

After a lengthy search and many closed doors, we settled on Barea Camp in Lymon, Maine. We understand that it is much further for half of the diocese, and we regret that. We did try to find some other locations further West. Ultimately, we needed to make a decision and this had to be it.

Camp Barea is run by a Biblically faithful Christian association that runs several other camps. There is a Camp Barea in New Hampshire as well. They were unavailable. The camp is situated on a small lake called Bunganut Pond in Lymon, Maine. Lymon is in Western Maine and easy driving distance from the eastern half of the diocese, just beyond Alfred Maine, where we have held several Clericii. You can learn more about the camp here:

Please find the attached brochure we have prepared for your parish. You can print this, double sided, to insert into your weekly announcements. Or you can print them out and make them available for people to take and hand out. Please encourage your kids (or grandkids or neighbors kids) to attend St. Luke's Camp.

Thank you,

Fr. Matthew Mirabile, Rector

Trinity Anglican Church

180 Rochester Hill Road

Rochester, NH 03866

Office: 603-332-4121

Cell: 603-866-9227

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