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Synod 2022 - a Charlestown NH triumph!

Tuesday Oct 19th through Saturday Oct 22 our annul Synod was held in historic Charlestown NH. During this annual gathering over 80 Clergy, Lay Leaders, and Bishops meet as multiple groups and administrative bodies conducted their vital business. These included the house of Bishops, Clericus, and Diocese of the Northeast Business meetings which were celebrated and attended by designated representatives of the various parishes in the DNE.

Multiple visiting dignitaries came to honor and recognize our outgoing Diocesan Bishop, The Most Rev. Brian Marsh during the week long annual gathering. The Traditional Anglican Church (TAC) was represented by Primate Archbishop Bishop Shane Janzen of Victoria BC, as well as Anglican Church in America (ACA) Archbishop Juan Garcia from Puerto Rico.

In addition to honoring outgoing DNE Bishop Brian Marsh, the House of Bishops consecrated and celebrated the opening of St. Luke's Mission in Charlestown as well as the setting apart of Deaconess Hogan.

Each day of the week was focused on specific parts of the DNE and it's importance to the whole work of God in our time and geography. Special emphasis was made to highlight the contribution of St Luke's Mission Theater to the arts with a original play written and directed by outgoing Bishop Brian Marsh (After Damascus) and an original musical play written by Carol Clark and Philip Turner. (The Serpent in the Desert) Both were professionally written, arranged, and performed. Edited video clips will be available for viewing on this website.

Special thanks to the host Parish (Good Shepherd Anglican) and to the tremendous efforts made by the local parishioners to provide for each and every need of our Synod. God's special blessing was indeed felt and experienced by all who attended.

Look for more details and information from the upcoming edition of the Northeast Anglican.

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