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Trinity Anglican at White River Junction, VT.

Updated: Jun 2

White River Junction, VT


I am constantly amazed and gratified by God’s grace in caring for us in all situations. I shouldn’t be, after all He loves us beyond comprehension.

We are a small parish, and I wonder why there are not more of us in the Upper Valley, but we are nevertheless, small and without permanent clerical leadership. However, we find, even in this, God has found ways to enrich our experience with Him.

We’ve been through Lent, not a particularly joyful season, but a necessary season. And then came Easter. We had anticipated Morning Prayer on Easter morning, but Deacon Skip was able to shuffle his schedule as were we so that we might be together and celebrate our Risen Lord with the Eucharist. This was such a joy for us all and it was followed by a delicious luncheon hosted by our Senior Warden and his wife who are most adequately schooled in putting on such events. It was an absolutely festive time at their home with the parish and Deacon Skip together in an occasion of fellowship. While fellowship after Sunday services is something to which we all look forward, it’s not quite the same as sharing a full meal with suitable adult beverages. (I think the Brits have something as we have attended parishes there where open bars and lunch are available after services.) This wonderful day has set the tone for our plunge into the long green season of Trinity celebrating and putting into our lives the wonderful things that have been done for us. Among those wonderful things is the successful hip replacement of one of our most vulnerable members for which we are so grateful. We see that it is part of God’s grace that we are able to share in the joy of the success this remarkable procedure in this most precarious situation.

Looking forward, we were graced with Bishop Hendy’s visitation during which he expressed his continuing concern for vacant parishes such as ours. He brought good news that we will soon be attended (visiting once a month, on an interim basis) by Fr. Thomas Stockton, recently ordained at St. Luke’s. We have been praying for all our vacant parishes in the Diocese. The Bishop advised us to pray and pray and pray again and it seems to work!! We pray for the joy we have received for each and every parish in the Diocese.

----------Allan Wylie

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